• by Annette Provencher

Thoughts on summer

I often use the visualization technique of a beach to teach relaxation skills. Well, I went to the beach this weekend and it was not at all relaxing! There is the traffic jam to get there, the beach fees, the crowds, people's music is too loud and children throw balls and Frisbees dangerously close to one's head. How can we recapture the joy?

Reframe those thoughts or Focus on the positive. Such as:

" Isn't it wonderful that so many people are able to enjoy the beach?"

" Isn't it wonderful to see so many kids outside away from their iphones and computer games"

" I love seeing families enjoying time together"

"It is exhilarating being in this rough surf"

"The sun sea and sky are all part of the beautiful

nature of this planet"

If that doesn't work, close your eyes and visualize... a beautiful calm beach with gentle lapping waves...

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