• by Annette Provencher LCSW

Winter Blues

Yes Everyone, we are all IN it- the winter blues. The holidays are over and it's several months before summer fun starts. Here in NJ we haven't even had the fun of a snow day which can bring a break from routine, sledding, skiing or staying at home with hot chocolate. It feels like just boring dreary days ahead.

So how can we manage these days without falling into depression? If you are financially able, many people book that Caribbean trip and all the snowbirds are safely ensconced in Florida, but what about the rest of us?

It is a good time to reflect on our lives and spend time thinking about changes we want to make. Now is the time to rewrite the resume, start that exercise class or practice meditation. If you are feeling restless or unhappy, now you have the time and space to think about it. Maybe it is not all due to weather, maybe now, with all the distractions gone, it is time to look inward.

A bright beautiful sunny but cold day? Put the layers on and take a walk- you will feel recharged and ready to tackle anything. You can count down the days to Memorial day but spend some of the time thinking about the changes you want to make NOW!

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