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A year of Covid

AS we look at the year anniversary of covid in the face, it is important to remember as a nation we were traumatized. When trauma anniversaries occur we often feel as if we are going through the trauma all over again. It may be helpful for us to be aware of feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety and lack of control that may occur in the next few weeks as we reckon with a year of trauma due to illness, loss, political upheaval and feeling stunted in our roles as professionals, workers, parents, students and maybe in our relationships or lack of relationships. The solutions to managing this is being aware of where these feelings are coming from, turning inward with mindfulness to be aware "I am feeling anxious because a year ago today I remember worrying about my family who work in hospitals". Using self care to take walks, meditate, exercise, listen to music, commune with friends and family play silly games with children. Practice gratitude for the few positives that came with lock down- perhaps you have a closer relationship with family or friends through zoom, maybe you have more in the bank due to lack of going out or going on vacation, maybe you discovered the beauty of hikes in the winter. This is not delusional positive thinking but awareness of positive realities " I got covid but it wasn't too bad." or "I was able to reconcile with my mother before she passed"

This was a hard year for everyone in one way or another and as a nation the recovery emotionally may take longer then recovery financially.

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